Bringing together Australian Government, Not-for-Profits and key stakeholders to eliminate Indigenous family violence

At the recent 2016 COAG National Summit on Reducing Violence against Women, the Prime Minister launched the Third Action Plan for our national strategy to reduce violence against women and their children. He pledged a commitment of $100 million of which $25 million has been allocated to services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians experiencing family violence**. This commitment from the Federal Government shows that overcoming Indigenous family violence remains a challenge to the nation. 
Attend the Overcoming Indigenous Family Violence (OIFV) forum to review existing strategies, reflect on what has worked and design new solutions to end Indigenous family violence in Australia.  
Working together to achieve intergenerational change by breaking the cycle of family violence
This 2-day conference will spark much needed conversation amongst stakeholders to design effective measures, responses and support services with the ultimate aim of eliminating Indigenous family violence in Australia.  
By attending, delegates learn how to: 
  • Implement State Government policies  
  • Explore solutions from the perspective of family violence survivors to tackle the issues
  • Engage the Indigenous community by consulting with Elders in the development of services to address the root cause of violence
  • Formulate successful primary prevention strategies
  • Navigate complex legal and family support systems in place to better manage family violence cases  

*Source: Press Conference with State Premiers, 28 October 2016, Media Centre for the Prime Minister of Australia
**Source: AIHW 2006, Family violence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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The OIFV Forum has been specially organised for those responsible  for designing and delivering Indigenous family violence policies, programmes and services. This 2-day conference is a vital platform for to designing practical reforms and solutions that provide better support for the victims of violence. 

Key takeaways from attending:

  1. Gain practical insights through case-studies on how leading organisations like the ‘No More’ Campaign and the Queensland Police Service take action to eliminate Indigenous family violence
  2. Understand how the Queensland’s Domestic Family Violence Implementation Council is implementing the recommendations of the Bryce Report and what this means for your organisation


Those responsible for designing and delivering family violence policies, programmes and services from:

  • Government and Local Councils
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Family Violence Support Centres and Shelters

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